Oh, hello!

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As well as a writer, I am amongst other things: a Spanish teacher, cyclist, show choir singer, explorer, geek, have-a-go hippy, aficionada of all things Spanish, voice in the type 1 diabetic community and eternal optimist.

I am a lover of words and wordsmiths. And inspirational quotes:

Do more than belong; participate. Do more than care; help. Do more than believe; practise. Do more than be fair; be kind. Do more than forgive; forget.

Do more than dream; work. (William Arthur Ward)



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5 thoughts on “Oh, hello!

  1. Deanreynolds

    You’re post on depression was informative, honest, and so helpful. I’ve never been depressed myself, but one of my closest friends recently had a bout with it and after reading your blog – I’ve come to respect him much more. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this message, so I’ll just end it with a “You are amazing and thank you so much for taking those four weeks to write your post.”

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  2. Chris

    I’ve read your post on depression and how it affected you. I myself came across it while searching Google for help with depression as I suffer with it. 2 years I have been struggling with it as well as it’s best friend anxiety. Your words have really inspired me to start to thinking positively. The road is long but like you said I will get better.

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  3. K

    Your posts on depression really help. You may not remember writing this, but on your post for Mind you said “keep talking. I think we owe it to those who had no choice but to keep quiet.”
    That meant a lot to me. I am one of those people who can’t say anything. I’m suicidal and depressed, but can’t tell my family (for various reasons) and it’s killing me. Knowing that other people are fighting so that eventually I may be able to tell them… I’m not great with words. It means more to me than I can say.
    Thank you.


  4. Matt

    Hi George, came across you here after the heart stoppers article. I would explain but it’s a long story! Anyway I just wanted say how incredible I think you are for all the help and support you give to people! I knew you would do amazing things!
    Take care

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